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The information that is available concerning the problems of Carisoprodol abuse indicates that this is a relatively new form of addiction. That said, the problem has been growing steadily over the years and there is urgent need for action to be taken if the vice is to be contained.

There are very many options that have been suggested for use in controlling the problem and many of these have proven to be very successful where they have been employed. All the key stakeholders in the industry agree that before considerable success can be achieved in establishing control over the abuse of the drug, there is great need for the people to be furnished with all of the important information regarding Carisoprodol abuse.

Carisoprodol Abuse

Carisoprodol is manufactured and distributed within the United States by Meda pharmaceuticals as a central muscle relaxant. Within the United States, most people know the drug by the name of Soma, the local brand name. It goes by other names, such as Carisoma and Sonoma, in the United Kingdom and in other parts of the world.

The drug was supposed to function as a safer alternative to the central muscle relaxants that were used before, such as meprobamate, which has been found to have a very high potential for abuse among the people to whom it was administered. The makers of the drug hoped that it would be less addictive, given the fact that it was thought to have negligible abuse potential. To a great extent, one can be justified in stating that Carisoprodol, or Soma as it is popularly known, has very little addiction potential. It is only the metabolism in the patient’s liver which causes the addiction problems associated with Carisoprodol.

Actually, the manner in which the drug can cause addiction is very interesting and has been the subject of a considerable number of studies in different parts of the world. Once the drug reaches the liver, it is metabolized and transformed into a different, more dangerous form called Meprobamate. Meprobamate is a highly addictive compound and, once formed, causes the patient who consumed Soma to develop tolerance to the drug, as well as some dependence on it.

Tolerance to the drug means that the patient has to consume increasing amounts of Carisoprodol at each intake in order to achieve the previous effects experienced. Such use of the drug amounts to abuse. Because of the dependency formed, most of the time the people that abuse Carisoprodol in this manner find that they are not able to stop taking the drug with ease. It is continued abuse of the drug for extended periods of time that is taken to constitute Carisoprodol abuse.

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