Carisoprodol Abuse Withdrawal

Carisoprodol abuse is a growing concern among the authorities in most places around the world today. Gone are the days when the drug as considered to have low abuse potential. In the present day, there is a lot of new information concerning the abuse of Carisoprodol that has served to paint a better picture of just how widespread and dangerous the problem really is.

Even though the problem of Carisoprodol abuse may not result in serious effects on the user, or even serious side effects, there are a number of severe and deadly Carisoprodol abuse withdrawal symptoms that have been reported by many people that have been engaging in the vice. All of these withdrawal symptoms have the potential for causing serious health complications to the drug abusers, even though none of them are likely to turn fatal.

Carisoprodol Abuse Withdrawal

The Carisoprodol abuse withdrawal symptoms normally set in whenever the abuse of the drug is suddenly brought to a stop. They are the body’s way of demanding the continued abuse of the drug, probably resulting from the formation of dependency of the body on the drug.

Carisoprodol Use and Abuse Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Nausea
  • Chills
  • Headaches
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Insomnia
  • Abdominal cramps

As is evident from the above list, most Carisoprodol abuse withdrawal symptoms recognized today do not look very dangerous or life-threatening to any person. Like all other forms of drug abuse and drug addiction withdrawal symptoms, the intensity and severity of withdrawal symptoms stated here may vary from person to person, depending on two key factors. The first factor is the length of time which the drug abuse has been going on.

Experience has repeatedly shown that the length of time over which a person has been abusing drugs is directly proportional to the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms they are likely to face if they should bring such consumption to an abrupt end. The same goes for Carisoprodol abuse withdrawal symptoms. The longer the time for which you have been consuming the drug, the greater the severity of the withdrawal symptoms is likely to be when they finally occur.

The second factor that may dictate how severe the Carisoprodol abuse withdrawal symptoms are likely to be is the manner in which the drug is consumed. Carisoprodol is supposed to be consumed orally, either in tablet form or as a pill. Most of the people that consume the drug for recreational purposes do so in combination with a number of other drugs, such as alcohol.

Whenever Carisoprodol is consumed together with other drugs, the withdrawal symptoms that come with suddenly stopping use are likely to be more severe than they would otherwise be if the drug was consumed singly. It is therefore advisable that the people who abuse the drug on a regular basis desist from abusing it with any other drugs.

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