What Is Carisoprodol?

Given the manner in which the drug is extensively used and abused throughout the world today, it is not common to find people who still ask “what is Carisoprodol?”

For those that are not very familiar with the drug, this article will attempt to provide the relevant information in the form of an answer to the question of what is Carisoprodol. In answering this question, the best place to begin would be by stating the composition and formulation of the drug, as well as its uses and dangers before giving a brief overview of the history of the drug’s development into the product that it is today.

Carisoprodol is the name of a special type of prescription medication sold by the name Soma in the United States. The company that is responsible for the distribution of the drug in these parts of the world is known as Meda pharmaceuticals. Soma, or Carisoprodol, is known by a number of other names in other parts of the world.

What Is Carisoprodol?

For instance, it goes by the brand names of Sonoma and Carisoma in the United Kingdom and its surrounding environs. The drug has been around for quite some time now, and over the years it has been prescribed for use as a prescription muscle relaxant and has proved to be very effective.

The drug functions in a manner that is very different from what one would expect of a conventional muscle relaxant. Instead of acting on the skeletal muscles directly, the drug acts on the central nervous system of its users where it disrupts the normal regular interactions that go on between the brain and the nerve cells. It essentially blocks the nerve cells from transmitting sensations of pain to the brain, thus creating the impression or feeling of relaxation by causing sedation.

Any person who is contemplating the question of what is Carisoprodol will be very interested in learning about the history of the drug, in regards to the development and early use to the present day use. Relevant records indicate that the drug was first developed in the 1950s at Wallace Laboratories.

Initially, carisoprodol was supposed to be used as an antiseptic, but it was found to possess considerable muscle relaxing properties that caused it to be adopted for medicinal use as a prescription muscle relaxant. At this early time, little or no information was available concerning the drug’s abuse potential. Many doctors and pharmacists were very quick to prescribe it, especially since they considered it a better alternative to Meprobamate, which has a high abuse potential and is very addictive.

Years of continued use of the drug have created a totally different picture of the actual abuse potential that this drug holds for its users. In fact, the real situation is a far cry from the safe drug that it was thought to be. There have been very many cases of Carisoprodol abuse that have been variously reported, some of which have led to its withdrawal from the market in some countries.

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